Strategic Storytelling for disruptors & innovators


To all the disruptors and innovators making a ruckus. Agents of change at the vanguard.


Remarkable rebels who excite and enlist others into your vision for the future.

We Are Waiting


Upstarts are consuming the established. The increasingly uncertain competitive landscape wipes out inflexible institutions.

Instead, you choose to evolve. You experiment, learn, agitate the status quo.

New ways of working emerge. Strategies form that will lead you to thrive, not simply survive.

We've instigated movements within...


How can you take these strategies to scale?

You are just a small team, or single individual, stuck within a sluggish system. You must fight to socialize ideas. To secure resources. To coordinate efforts and execute projects.

"I just need a bit more budget and a few more people on board," you say.

So you scribble ideas down, gather the data, set the meeting, and start building your presentation deck...

PowerPoint is Dead


If you so desperately need to impress your superiors and recruit your peers, why are you delivering strategy via PowerPoint?


A deck of slides telling us what to think and do might have worked yesterday.

Today, we no longer care about who you are, what you do, or what you make anymore.

You must engage us or be forgotten.

Tell ME a Story


We hunger for stories the way we crave food.

Stories light up our brains and make them come alive. Stories create openings for understanding and empathy. Stories incept ideas and compel us to action.

If you want people to identify with a complex concept, tell a story about it.

Those who can tell great stories create faster, stronger connections with others.



For those who weren't initially a part of your work—the design sprint, the workshop, the pilot—we don't know why it matters to us.

What's the big deal? What do you need from me?

Create a narrative around your work so that we can grasp the momentum, power, and purpose of the work. Only then will we jump on board and fight beside you.

Don't go it alone


We are listening.

There are fellow rabble-rousers who can help you increase alignment, gather resources, and scale transformation.

They have spent their careers telling simple, human stories that have transformed the people and organizations who share them.

Stimulus is a band of renegade storytellers


We plant the seeds of revolution within organizations to be cultivated by change agents such as yourself.

We specialize in documentary storytelling for disruptors and innovators.

We fight against the establishment of the expected and battle for brave new ideas.

We Can Help


Disruption doesn't happen in a vacuum.

Together with clients, we create immersive stories that capture and scale learning, the currency of innovation.

We uncover and share stories that fundamentally alter the way people and systems operate. 

Tell great stories

Great stories don't happen by accident. They are formed and molded and edited so they are crisp and clear.

With over a decade of experience in documentary storytelling, we help structure and give shape to stories that have catalytic potential for their audience.

Upgrade Your Work


Old media simply documented a change process.

Our brand of immersive storytelling is a change process. Storytelling fundamentally alters your communication strategy both internally and with your customers.

A strategy told through the voice of the end-user, not the company, is 10x more effective.

Make a Ruckus


You can remain complacent, stuck in your silos. But this will lead you down the path to irrelevance.

There is another way.

The path towards a future shaped by transformation that you instigated.

Because you took the time to look deep inside and discover something that has been there all along.

Story Matters.

So What's Your Story?


Still curious?